The 22nd Infantry Regiment Society

The 22nd Infantry Regiment Society

 is a veterans and an active duty organization dedicated to continuing the heritage and traditions

of one of the U.S. Army's finest units,

The 22nd Infantry Regiment .



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An Open letter to 22nd Infantry Regiment Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans As we approach the national reunion for the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society next month I want to take a moment to provide the below invitation to our new generation of 22nd Infantry soldiers. We will meet at the Westgate Branson Woods Resort in Branson Missouri 29 April-4 May 2014 and again in September 2015 Syracuse NY. At that reunion we will be making a visit to 2-22nd Infantry at Ft Drum. Thus here is our invitation to you in the letter below: Lon D. Oakley Jr. President 22nd Infantry Regiment Society A Co 2-22nd Infantry Vietnam 1969 This letter is more than an invitation to all those who served in the 1st or 2nd Battalions of the 22nd Infantry Regiment in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan, the letter is intended to solicit ideas from these 22nd Veterans on how to make the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society more attractive to them. This message is intended for those who served in the Echo Companies of both Battalions as well. The Army may have a way of separating you from those you served with, but the 22nd Infantry regiment Society does not. Some of the points that we, the present Members of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society, have discussed are listed below. They are not listed in an order of importance. It is our hope that you will examine this letter and join in the discussion. Invite all who served in the 22nd Infantry Regiment to become part of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society to join via the web site. PayPal is available for dues payment, $10.00 per year, and PX items. The Newsletter is available in either print form or via the Internet. We believe that the stories that the New Generation of Veterans need to be told and recorded for posterity. This is accomplished by submitting those stories to the Newsletter Editor. We’d also like to hear your stories told at reunions, more about that later in this letter. We’d love to see you organize yourselves in any way you see fit, by Battalion, Company and time frame or whatever. We have noted that this is occurring by looking at your Facebook Accounts. You might choose to select a spokesman for your group. These spokesmen can communicate with other spokesman and discuss what you, the New Generation Veterans, find most important in reflecting your attitudes and values. We believe they are similar to those of the present members, but do want to know what you think. These spokesmen will, hopefully, become involved in the leadership of the organization. We understand that the 1st Battalion has selected “Regulars by God” as their motto and that the 2nd Battalion has selected “Deeds, Not Words” as their motto. There is no reason why both can’t be used. The PX items presently carry the “Deeds, Not Words” motto. Steps have been taken to display both mottos on PX items and on the Newsletter masthead. We understand there is talk by many of sub-groups about holding reunions. Well, here’s something to consider. As stated above, there will be a reunion held in Syracuse, NY in September 2015. Among the reunion activities, visits with 2-22, 10th Mtn at Ft Drum are being planned. Come join us! You are invited to go to the web site, and look around. You will find updated information regarding the reunion and much about the history of the regiment. It is our hope that you see your place in that history and become a part of YOUR 22nd Infantry Regiment Society. If there are other suggestions we would like to know about them. Please direct your comments and questions to Lon D. Oakley Jr. President 22nd Infantry Regiment - A Co. 2/22 Inf. Vietnam 1969

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 The 22nd Infantry Monument Fund

Donations are needed to complete this monument dedicated to those  from our regiment that have  made the supreme sacrifice.


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     The 22nd Infantry Regiment Society
     Attn:  Martin Oelklaus
     P.O. Box 3258
     Independence, MO 64055-8258

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Remembrance Book for Our Fallen Brothers

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Enjoy your visit to our website. A 200 year time capsule of our prestigious unit.

If you served with the 22nd @ anytime, please contact us.

It is the main purpose of this web site.



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Lest You Forget - What the 22nd Infantry Regiment Did for You


1. Gave you the opportunity to serve your country in a proud and prestigious national unit.

2. Gave you buddies who stuck by you and helped you endure fear, horror, and hardship.

3. Gave you good reason to harbor a personal feeling of high accomplishment and pride.

4. Gave you treasured lifetime friends, markedly improving the quality of your life.

      MG (Ret) John F. Ruggles 1908 - 15JAN1999

      Honorary Colonel Of The Regiment 1990 - 1999 


Remember Our Brothers On The Battlefield

Almighty and Merciful God grant to the "Regulars" of the 22nd Infantry, brave in battle and strong in Faith, who always give example of courage in fighting for God and country alike, and who are ever prepared for the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in combat, grant them new power, success, and happiness in your all seeing providence watch over our Battalions. Help our men in all ways so that it can be truly said of them, "They are good Troopers", They are "Regulars". Make them strong and brave, ready to give their best for that cause which their country fights. Watch over and protect them. Preserve them from the wounds and dangers of battle. Keep them proud of their Unit, proud of their Commander, proud of "Old Glory", proud of their Country, so that in war or in peace they may always stand ready to protect the God given rights of This, their America.

- C. 1967 author unknown




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